September 2016

Being a young female I worry about being taken advantage of when going to a mechanic. Jay was very honest and saved me a substantial amount of money. My car started to lose its power when I pressed on the gas so I took my 2007 Nissan Versa to AutoZone to have a diagnostics run. They informed me I had a problem with my transmission and I had my car towed to Manchester Transmission. Jay called me the next day to let me know Nissan had doubled the warranty period for the Continuously Variable Transmission and I should take my car to a Nissan dealership to see if it would be covered under this warranty. I followed Jay's advice and discovered my car was covered by the extended warranty and I got a new transmission for free!!! Hearing the news blew me away because Jay could have easily not mentioned the information and charged me thousands of dollars to fix my car. Not only was I saved money but reassured that Manchester Transmission is an honest business that has me as a customer for life. Having this experience with Jay gives me the confidence to say that I would recommend Jay to anyone that may have a big or small transmission problem, and has no need to worry about Jay being a crooked mechanic. With much gratitude,


Sandra S. Vernon - September 2016

Tim Z. - June 2016

I brought my new to me used car in because I believed my transmission was going. After a once over Jay told me it was not my transmission but the heat shield on the exhaust had rusted. After a quick bolt change, not only was I saved some money but reassured that Manchester Transmission is an honest business that I will be sure to use again. Thank you!


Tim Z.

The Lassows - October 2014

We took our car to our dealer for a an oil change as usual. The dealer told us we had a leak in the transmission and to fix it would cost $3,800 Naturally we were concerned. We thought we should get a second opinion. We went to Manchester Transmission and spoke with Jay who said he would look at the car. We left fearing the worst. 45 minutes later Jay called and said to come back. When we arrived our car was on a lift in a very clean garage. Jay took us and with a flash light showed us underneath our car. Not a drip anywhere. Clean as a whistle. We will be going back in two weeks to recheck the transmission just to be certain (Jays idea) and for piece of mind. Needless to say we will never be going back to the dealer and we are now life long Manchester Transmission customers and friends. We plan on telling everyone we know! Thanks Jay and Manchester Transmission!


The Lassows

Chris M. - September 2014

I want to thank you for the honest and dependable work you gave to me. I wanted to take a moment to write a review about you and your business because you changed my perception of all mechanics. I took my truck to a local mechanic in Manchester who diagnosed my truck as needing a new transmission. My father in law took his truck to Manchester transmissions and had nothing but positive things to say about jay and the work he performed. I left my truck with Jay over night and the next day he delivered great news. I did not need a new transmission !!! Hearing the news blew me away because Jay easily could have made thousands of dollars more on my case but was as honest as a person could be. All I needed was a new part in my tranny to fix the problem. Not a new transmission. Having this experience with Jay gives me the confidence to say that I would recommend Jay to anyone that may have a big or small transmission problem, and has no need to worry about jay being a crooked mechanic. I am so thankful for Jay and the work he did on my truck. Good work goes a long way with me , but being honest in the process makes me a customer for life. With much gratitude,


Chris M.
Manchester, CT

Diane J. - March 2014

I was referred to Manchester Transmissions from Pop's Exhaust. I spoke to Jay and he set up an appointment for the following morning. They offer evening "drop off" service. Transmission issues are never a "good thing" so I was anxious to hear the bad news. . .well, Jay called me the next morning and told me that he "coded" the car and took it for a test drive and could find nothing wrong with the transmission! Phew! He did however note that the battery terminals were corroded and the battery was charging low. He took the time to clean the terminal and replace the battery. I was thrilled that their wasn't a diagnostic charge and he replaced the battery so my car was ready to be picked up before noon time! I appreciated Jay's honesty (because the car is 15 years old and a "new" transmission could have been an easy diagnosis). If you feel you have ANY type of transmission issues. . .GO TO MANCHESTER TRANSMISSIONS! You will not be disapointed with their neat and clean shop, as well as their great service department!


Thank you Jay for saving us $3700!!!!


Diane J.
East Hartford, CT

David P - February 2014

A belated testamonial. My daughter thought that she was having trouble with the transmission on her Ford Escape so she brought it into her local Ford dealer and was told that the transmission was shot and it would cost her $3700 to repair it. I immediately told her to bring it to Manchester transmission for a second opinion. She drove it for several days before she could bring it in and there seemed to no longer be a problem. Jay did an extensive diagnostic test and also could find no problem with it.  Almost a year has now gone by and the car is still running trouble-free.


Thank you Jay for saving us $3700!!!!


Dave & Shannon

Charles Garam - March 28, 2013

Jay, On behalf of my client Charles Garam, a big thank you is in order for your prompt attention and excellent service regarding the diagnosis of the 2006 Chevy Cobalt. Initially, Charles was scheduled to work on Tuesday, March 26th when he noticed that his car would not move forward. He contacted AAA for a tow in which they brought the car to a local automotive repair shop in Cromwell, CT. After diagnosing the Chevy Cobalt, the technician told him that he needed a transmission and the cost would be approximately $5,000. Charles told me what was said, so I immediately asked him to call AAA once again and have his car towed to Manchester Transmissions, Inc., on Sheldon Road in Manchester. Since I knew your company’s reputation and the superb work that you do, especially replacing a transmission on my car, I had no doubt that Chuck was in good hands in having his car repaired at your facility. You have a long list of customers that I know and feel the same way in regards to your workmanship of high quality service and honesty. Today, after receiving a phone call from Charles stating the final cost of under $400 based on a broken part that needed to be replaced and NOT a transmission issue, Chuck is able to afford the cost of repair and is truly grateful.

Priscilla Brown, on behalf of Charles Garam

Michael - March 20, 2013

It was the middle of March 2013 that on my way home from bringing my sister to the doctor my car “popped” out of fourth gear. I brought it to Manchester Transmission where they had to basically rebuild part of the standard five speed transmission in my Subaru. You know how sometimes we get used to some or other condition and don’t even realize it. It wasn’t until after Manchester Transmission repaired my car’s transmission that I realized it had been wrong since I bought it new. Thank you Jay and your “Tranny Man” for a great job, I highly recommend Manchester Transmission to anyone experiencing transmission problems.


Steve Joyner - February 10, 2013

Manchester Transmissions: The Best!
My 22 year old nephew recently experienced a transmission problem. He was unable to engage the 2004 Malibu into drive. The car acted like it was in neutral. We first had the car towed to the Chevrolet dealer. The diagnostic fee from the dealer would have been $400.00. Rather than pay $400.00just for a diagnosis, we decided to have the car towed to Manchester Transmissions. This was the best move we have ever made. The original estimate for a transmission rebuild was $2400.00. Jay was very patient with us and laid out all the options. 1. Transmission Rebuild. 2. Used transmission from Junkyard. Jay had already searched and found a transmission. This would have saved my nephew about $400.00. Jay's recommendation was to rebuild, because if the junkyard tranny was no good we would be responsible for the labor cost to remove and replace with a different junk yard tranny. We opted for the rebuild. Here is where it gets interesting: when they tore down the old transmission, they found a crack in the fluid line that circulates the transmission fluid. Jay replaced the line and walla! the transmission operated flawlessly. Cost: $301.00. A less scrupulous shop would have either gone ahead and rebuilt anyway, or not even rebuilt but charged us for it. Needless to say $2400.00 would have been a major financial burden to my nephew. Thank you Jay and Manchester Transmissions for your integrity and quality of work.

Steve Joyner

Rochelle Heline - September 10, 2012

Manchester Transmissions: The Best!
Thank You Jay, I would like to thank you for your honesty and integrity and for saving me thousands of dollars. I came to you straight from the local Honda dealer who had just told me I needed a new transmission. You could have easily agreed with them and I wouldn't have known any better. But, instead, you performed your own diagnosis. You spent quite a bit of time talking to me to understand the situation. You used your own computers and drove the vehicle, listening for transmission issues. In the end, you found nothing wrong. You told me the behavior I had described was something in the engine and provided me with a referral to a trusted mechanic. You wouldn't even accept payment for your time and effort. Amazing! It was refreshing doing business with someone like you. It almost makes me wish there was something wrong so you could have gotten some business from this. But know you have a loyal customer who will refer you to anyone that needs transmission service. Good luck with your business and have a great day and again,
Thank you!

Rochelle Heline

Don - August 28, 2012

I am writing to tell you that 1 am very pleased with your work on the transmission in my '02 Jaguar. All of the previously mentioned concerns regarding difficult gear selection. Harsh shifting, noise. slipping and warning lights, seem to have been eradicated. l have driven the car in various conditions and the transmission is working as smoothly and quietly as when the car was new. Given the extra effort this job required, I imagine your profit margin is not what you desire, but you have created a loyal customer. I will happily and wholeheartedly recommend you and your shop to anyone in need of transmission work. because I know you do good work and you stand behind your work. I am a strong believer in customer relations and you have mine. Good luck to you and your team.


Alain J. Tremblay - August 10, 2003

I wanted to take the time to let you and your team know how impressed I was with the transmission repair service I received for my '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee. My Jeep had a bad transfer case which was causing it to not steer very well. The problem was diagnosed as a bad viscous coupler, and a new one was installed. When I drove the car home, I could tell that the steering was still not working right. Over the course of a week, my steering got worse and worse. I called Jay, and informed him of the problem, and he asked that I come in so they could check it out. Jay agreed that something was not right with the steering and agreed to install another viscous coupler (at no charge). The new coupler was put in the next day, and my steering is now much, much better. Thanks again for your professional and courteous service. If I or anyone I know needs transmission service, I will definitely recommend your transmission shop to anyone in the Hartford CT area!

Alain J. Tremblay

Diane M. Rice - July 11, 2003

I just wanted to take the time to tell how impressed both my husband and I were with your service. Both times that we needed your assistance, you and your team were right on top of it without hesitation. In this day and age, you just don't see that kind of service anymore. We just wanted to say "thank you" for being so accommodating on such short notice. Keep up the good work!

Dennis and Diane

Eileen Henson - June 22, 2002

I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the fast and efficient service you gave to me when my '89 Toyota Station Wagon was having a problem with the transmission. You called me before 8:00am and them upon completion before 9:30am. I couldn't believe it! I would like to definitely recommend you to others and I feel you gave me an honest opinion and service. The good news (so far) is the car is running great with no leakage. I'm so happy. Thanks again for service that is a rarity today.

Eileen Henson


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